Dr Katarzyna Ancuta
Assumption University, Bangkok

Graduate School of English
Assumption University
Ramkhamhaeng Rd. Soi 24
Hua Mak, Bangkapi, 10240 Bangkok

Email: kancuta@gmail.com

Website: http://asiangothic.houseoftoyols.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bangkokgothic

Dr Katarzyna Ancuta is a lecturer at the Graduate School of English at Assumption University in Bangkok, Thailand. Her research interests tend to focus on contemporary cultural manifestations of the Gothic, particularly in such areas as popular fiction, film and video, multimedia and performance art, theatre, music and dance, comics and graphic novels, fashion and alternative lifestyles. Most of her publications are concerned with the interdisciplinary contexts of contemporary Gothic and Horror, and recently with (South)-East Asian (particularly Thai) cinema and supernatural anthropology. She is currently working on a book on Asian Gothic, and a multimedia project on Bangkok Gothic. Her recent involvement with the Gothic academic community includes cooperation on The Encyclopedia of the Gothic (ed. David Punter, William Hughes and Andrew Smith, Wiley-Blackwell, 2013), The Blackwell A New Companion to the Gothic (ed. David Punter, Wiley-Blackwell, 2012), The Cambridge Companion to the Modern Gothic (ed. Jerrold E. Hogle), and a book on Global Gothic (ed. Glennis Byron, 2013). She is also involved in a number of film-related projects in South-East Asia.