HAUNTED THRESHOLDS – Spirituality in Contemporary Southeast Asia

November 9 – December 21, 2014 

Vernissage: November 9, 2014. 11:30 am

ALTES RATHAUS • Markt 9 • 37073 Göttingen  
Opening Hours: Tue–Sun 11am–5pm

Kunstverein Göttingen in collaboration with the Research Network “Dynamics of Religion in Southeast Asia” (DORISEA)  

Art Labor (Vietnam), Maung DAY (Myanmar), Riel HILARIO (Philippines), HO Tzu Nyen (Singapore), NGUYEN TRINH Thi (Vietnam), Jakrawal NILTHAMRONG (Thailand), Yudi NOOR (Indonesia), Kaensan RATTANASOMRERK (Thailand), John Frank SABADO (Philippines), Taiki SAKPISIT, Chulayarnnon SIRIPHOL (Thailand), THAN Sok (Cambodia), TRUONG CONG Tung (Vietnam), Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL (Thailand), Entang WIHARSO (Indonesia)

CURATOR: Lauren Reid

»Haunted Thresholds« arises from the collaboration of the Kunstverein Göttingen and ‘Dynamics of Religion in Southeast Asia’ (DORISEA), a research network dedicated to investigating the relationship between religion and the contemporary in this region. Southeast Asia is particularly marked by a complex coexistence and cooperation among different cultures and religions. Religions there have developed a rich dynamic and play a prime role in shaping modernisation processes. 

Investigating the subtle yet omnipresent influence of religion and spirituality in the everyday, this exhibition features artists from Southeast Asia who explore the thresholds or tipping-points between contemporary living and the incorporeal realm. Their works speak of invisible forces, modern enchantment, and karmic gestures. Spirituality and mythology merge almost seamlessly with the everyday, dissolving the boundaries between different realities, times or states of being. 

The artists each present idiosyncratic and unresolved perspectives that spring from their unique experiences and current cultural contexts, rather than one that is representative of a single country, region or ideology. In particular, each artist uses their own index of mythical elements to form a bridge between their present moment and the complex of buried histories, shifting geographies and colonial wounds from which it has arisen. 

The art works are brought into an experimental dialogue with ethnographic objects from the Ethnographic Collection of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Göttingen. With their own aesthetic qualities, religious meanings and intellectual reflexivity, these objects from Southeast Asia, speak of the same topics as the art works: invisible forces, ancestral spirits and otherworldly powers in the everyday.


Dinner with Yudi Noor 
Thursday 20 November 6:30 pm, Altes Rathaus 
For this evening, we invite you to share a meal together with the artist Yudi Noor. Taking an intuitive and spiritual approach, he creates sculptures and installations from a vast array of collected materials. His works reflect the combination of Buddhist, Hindu and animistic religious traditions in his home country of Indonesia while drawing links to other international contexts such as Europe and the Middle East. 
Please register at info@kunstvereingoettingen.de 
Cost: 7€, Concession: 4€ 
HAUNTED THRESHOLDS guided tour and film night  
Sunday 23 November 3:00 pm, Altes Rathaus 
A guided tour of Haunted Thresholds with the curator Lauren Reid, followed by a screening of two films in the exhibition (the tour will be held in English): 
Chulayarnnon Siriphol, 'Myth of Modernity' (2014)16:00 min 
Ho Tzu Nyen, ‘Utama – Every Name in History is I’ (2003) 23:00 min 


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Website: http://hauntedthresholds.com/

Sponsored by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), Land Niedersachsen, Stadt Göttingen, Landschaftsverband Südniedersachsen e.V., Sparkasse Göttingen, Dr. Walther-Liebehenz-Stiftung, Universitätsbund Göttingen e.V., Weinhandlung Cichon Göttingen, Göttinger Tageblatt