Bùi Kim Đĩnh
Graduate Assistant
Vietnamese contemporary art after Đổi mới (Reform)

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Theaterstr. 14
D-37073 Goettingen
+49 (0) 551 / 39-20909

Bùi Kim Đĩnh studied Vietnamese Archaeology at the Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities and Management and Communication in Museums at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Đĩnh is interested and experienced in anthropology, early childhood education, contemporary art and public education. Her M.A. theses focused on the royal white ceramic with moulded decoration in the 15th century in Lam Kinh site and the museum system in Vietnam in relation to national cultural politics since 1943.

Since December 2014, Đĩnh has been working as a research assistant for the competence network “Dynamics of Religion in Southeast Asia” (DORISEA) and is preparing her PhD project on new media in Vietnamese contemporary art after Đổi mới (Reform). Her work focuses on how Vietnamese art communities inside the country and overseas negotiates culture in the contemporary political and social context.