ISSN: 2196-6893

Peter J. Bräunlein
Michael Dickhardt
Andrea Lauser
Karin Klenke (until September 2014)
Arnika Peselmann (until December 2015)

24. Peter J. Bräunlein, Michael Dickhardt and Andrea Lauser (eds.): Configurations of Religion - A Debate. A DORISEA network discussion opened by Boike Rehbein and Guido Sprenger (Special Issue)

23. Mary J. Ainslie: Thai Horror Film in Malaysia. Urbanization, Cultural Proximity and a Southeast Asian Model

22. Andrew Willford: Betrayal, Sacred Landscapes, and Stories of Justice among Tamils in Malaysia

21. Andrew Alan Johnson: Ghost Mothers. Kinship Relationships in Thai Spirit Cults (forthcoming in Social Analysis 60(2): 2016)

20. Andrea Lauser: Traveling to Yên Tử (North Vietnam). Religious Resurgence, Cultural Nationalism and Touristic Heritage in the Shaping of a Pilgrimage Landscape

19. Benjamin Baumann: The Khmer Witch Project: Demonizing the Khmer by Khmerizing a Demon

18. Tsuda Koji: Systematizing ‘Chinese Religion’. The Challenges of ‘Three-Teaching’ Organizations in Contemporary Indonesia

17. Andrea Lauser in Conversation with the Filmmakers Katarzyna Ancuta and Solarsin Ngoenwichit From Thailand and Mattie Do From Laos: Ghost Movies, their Makers and their Audiences

16. Eva Sevenig: Social Mobility in Baan Hadnaleng: When the Valuation of Communality Allows for a Demarcation Line in a Multi-ethnic Village in Northwest Laos

15. Justin McDaniel: Spectacle Attractions and Buddhism in Southeast Asia

14. Bounleuth Sengsoulin: Manuscripts Found in the Abode of the Venerable Abbot Phra Khamchan Virachitto Vat Saen Sukharam, Luang Prabang, Laos

13. Khamvone Boulyaphonh: International Connections of Lao Buddhism as Reflected in Personal Letters Found at Pha Khamchan Virachitta Maha Thela’s Abode (Kuti) in Vat Saen Sukharam, Luang Prabang

12. Khamvone Boulyaphonh: Phra Khamchan Virachitta Maha Thera and the Preservation of the Lao Cultural Heritage in Luang Prabang

11. Patrick McAllister: The village in the city: cúng xóm (‘hamlet worship’) in Hồ Chí Minh City during Tết, the lunar New Year festival

10. Boike Rehbein: Religion, Science and Capitalisms

9. Bounleuth Sengsoulin: The Lao Sangha of Luang Prabang and their Social Roles in the Post-1975 Period

8. Anthony Reid: Patriarchy and Puritanism in Southeast Asian Modernity

7. Janet Hoskins: From Colonial Syncretism to Transpacific Diaspora. Re-Orienting Caodaism from Vietnam to California

6. Peter Jackson: Ascendant Doctrine and Resurgent Magic in Capitalist Southeast Asia. Paradox and Polarisation as 21st Century Cultural Logic

5. Michael Kleinod: Enchanting Frontiers - A Sacred Forest and Symbolic-Material Complexities in Laos

4. Vincent Houben: The New Area Studies and Southeast Asian History

3. Alexander Soucy: Altered Space for a New Zen in Vietnam

2. Paul Christensen: Modernity and Spirit Possession in Java

1. Peter J. Bräunlein: Spirits in and of Southeast Asia's Modernity